Jan Uldrych


Jan Uldrych is a graduate of the Academy of Graphic Art in Prague, and the studio of classical painting of Prof. Zdenek Beran. His canvasses carry predominantly figurative motifs and he casually plays with characters in his works. Jan is lining up to be one of the best young figuralists of our contemporary artistic scene.



  • AVU, Academy of Fine Arts, Studio of Classical Painting Techniques, prof. Zdeněk Beran, Prague


  • Art Secondary School of Václav Hollar, Praha

Solo Exhibitions:


  • Beetle in the Head, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague


  • Source Code, pop up exhibition, The Chemistry Gallery in Grid, Prague
  • 299792, Alex Art Gallery, Praha


  • Tera Incognit, GHMP, Dům u Zlatého Prstenu (Start Up), Prague

Group Exhibitions:


  • 22:22/2, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague


  • ArtGen – DOX, Prague
  • Unsuspected space on the edge of landscape and soul, Letohrádek Hvězda, Praha
  • 22:22, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague
  • Sellection – Alex Art Gallery, Prague
  • Contemporary Realistic Painting from the Collection of Pavel Feigl
  • Zdeněk Beran and his Students, Galerie Černá labuť, Prague


  • PAINTOMORROW, Galerie Šumperk
  • Czech Painting, Piešťany, Slovakia
  • A Znova, group exhibition of Matěj Hájek and Martin Routa, Trafo Gallery, Prague
  • Exhibition in private space of G5, Wenceslas Square, Prague


  • Except for Alenka – kingdom behind the mirror, Galerie Orlovna, Kroměříž ´
  • HYPE-R-R, Artprogallery, Prague
  • veletrh Art Prague, v zastoupení The Chemistry Galery, Mánes, Prague
  • NÁHLED – Jan Uldrych and Zdeněk Trs, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague
  • „4“ – Jan Ulrych, Aleš Brázdil, Zdeněk Trs, Marek Slavík, Galerie Kotelna, Říčany u Prahy


  • Exhibition within the project Drunken Cat of the AnFas company, where the artworks were exhibited for 3 months (www.anfas.cz).


  • Articulation – Jan Uldrych, Aleš Brázdil, Zdeněk Trs, Pavel Holas, Galerie Diamant, Prague
  • PAIN(t) – exhibition of 15 young artists, Galerie Šumperk
Jan Uldrych
Jan Uldrych

Jan Uldrych

graduate of the Academy of Graphic Art in Prague