Samuel Paučo


Samuel Pauco is a graduate of the studio of Martin Mainer in Brno’s FAVU, where at present he works as an expert assistant. In recent years Pauco has been one of the leading young personalities in expressive abstract and predominantly non-figurative painting, his work carrying hints of the intuitive emotional and sensual painting style of Martin Mainer.

In his works Pauco balances numerous intersecting lines with expressive planes – a visual language falling into abstract and non-figurative painting, a creative principle often bordering on methods of expressive active art, ‘a controlled fortuity’, using non-traditional painting approaches (barefooted painting, interlocking painted screens). In his most recent canvasses actual motifs of mountain regions have appeared, which have however been turned into abstract horizontal compositions. Pauco’s creations fluctuate between ‘an expressive style’ and wistful stylizations of dark landscape painting – as a linking principle here he attempts a consequent aesthetic form, which leads towards dynamic harmony.

The Chemistry Gallery introduced Samuel Pauco during the premier of its exhibition cycle ‘Chemistry ABS’ and continues to have close co-operation with the artist. The artist’s diploma work was chosen and displayed during The Chemistry Gallery’s ‘Diplomas 2011’ in the summer of 2011 which presented the best diploma work of the students of art schools in the Czech Republic.

His biggest success came with his nomination as a finalist in the award for the National Gallery’s NG 333 for young artists up to the age of 33 which is one of the most valued awards for young artists. Earlier he was also nominated for the famous Essel Award.



  • FaVU, Painting 2 studio (Mainer)


  • residency at FaVU, Intermédia studio (Stratil)

Solo exhibitions:


  • Hromy a Blesky (with Michal Nagypal), Nová Galerie, Prague
  • Potopa, Strom Art Gallery, Brno


  • Do lesov páni!, Galerie Města Třince, Třinec


  • Entropie od ruky, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague


  • Full House (with Daniela Mikuláškova), Reduta, Brno


  • Boha Jeho, Galerie Mladých, Brno


  • Snoop Dog, The Chemistry Gallery, Praha


  • Za oponou (Behind the Curtain) – Diploma work, Wannieck gallery, Brno,
  • Stejná předehra, jiná opera (with Jan Pražan) – WalkThruGallery,

Hradec Králové


  • Post Coitum, Galerie 3ka, Dům pána z Kunštátu, Brno


  • Mraky, Galerie Dolmen, Uherské Hradiště
  • Bojsov kojot, Galerie pod Petrovem, Brno
  • Hockney je gay, Mistogalerie Skleněná Louka, Brno


  • Všetko o kvapke – Galerie Dolmen, Brno
  • Boys don´t cry (with Pavel Pangrac)- SNG, Galerie Živa, Zvolen

Group Exhibitions:


  • Stille SPKTKL, Munikat, Mnichov
  • PLEJ!, Slezskoostravská galerie, Ostrava
  • One Bird Doesn't Make Spring, Galerie u Prstenu
  • Alchemy, Chateau St. Antonín Paduánský, Sokolov


  • Apartment Private Art Party III., Brno
  • Artificial Market, Prádelna Bohnice, Prague
  • RUKA RUKU MYJE!, Galerie AULA, FaVU, Brno
  • Above Water, TUBA Group, Galerie Béhemót, Brandýs nad Orlicí
  • Hard Choice, Galerie Sýpka, Osová Bitýška, Vítkov
  • Žádnej Ležér, skupina TUBA, Workshop@y, Prague
  • Apartment Private Art Party II., Brno
  • Druhoroj, galerie D-ecore, Prague


  • Finalists of Prize NG333, Veletržní palác, Prague
  • Graduates 2011, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague
  • ABS, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague


  • FaVU Records, Galerie Aula – FaVU, Brno
  • Brno ist Berlin, Berlin ist Brno, Galerie Aula – FaVU, Brno
  • Konfrontace Arskontaktu, Brno, Prague


  • Jung Art 2009, Galerie Dolemen, Brno, Prague
  • Cycle Tcheque, Lagalerie, Rue de la Forge Royale, Paris
  • ESSL Award 2009, Veletržní palác, Prague
  • Punkwa, Galerie Města Blansko


  • U koho jsou – Exhibition of educators on the 15th anniversary of FaVU – Galerie Brno, Brno
  • FIFTY-FIFTY (gender, porno a umenie) – Inter-art, Prague
  • Jung Art – Galerie Dolmen, Brno, Prague
  • Kampa Punkwo – Galerie Dolmen, Prague
  • V Praze je Blaze – Galerie Kritiků, Prague
  • Konfrontace Arskontaktu, Brno, Prague
  • Ty Vole – Galerie Sypka, Valašské Meziříčí,
  • Boži dětstvi – Galerie Slévárna, Vaňkovka, Brno
  • Punkwa exhibition in pengland – Mainz, Germany
  • Amen – Galerie Živa – SNG, Zvolen, SR
  • Anomaľne maľby o Brne – Galerie Vinum Misae, Havlíčkův Brod


  • 40 dní Punkwy – Galerie Dolmen, Brno
Samuel Paučo
Samuel Paučo

Samuel Paučo


graduate of the studio of Martin Mainer in Brno’s FAVU