YICCA 2012

(04 .10. - 25.10.2012)

“YICCA” is an ambitious project regarding transparency and the comparison and research of new artistic talents. Nowadays it is becoming more and more difficult to comply with the requirements of the art market, in particular due to the challenge of competing with the constantly-increasing number of newly-arising artists in the field of contemporary art.

YICCA was founded in 2009. The decision of its foundation was taken under the great influence of new ways of making and thinking about art that have recently found many surprising and unusual forms. This general confusion and rapid change of offers is without any doubt challenging and extremely exciting. The main goal of YICCA is to understand and to improve new talents who are able to interpret the upcoming art better in this “beautiful chaos”.

The artists were chosen by an international jury, selected from among art journalists, critics and artists; all are internationally renowned.

Aleksandra Ignasiak (Poland) Andi Hila (Albania) Uday Chand Goswami (India) Kai Lin Tan (Singapore) Viviana Silva Flores (Chile) Massimo Arduini (Italy) Tony Fiorentino (UK) May Lim (Singapore) Nina Todorovic (Serbia) Chiara Quadri, Chiara Raffo, Marialuisa Pastò (Italy) Denis Trauchessec (France) Giovanni Odierna (Italy)

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The Chemistry Gallery
Bubenská 1
170 00 Prague 7
Czech Republic

Tues-Sat 11 am – 7 pm