Chemistry zone

In accordance with its primary and original project within the context of the Czech creative milieu, The Chemistry Gallery regularly acts as The Chemistry Zone, the aim of which is the presentation of contemporary street art and graphic creations in their most authentic surroundings, that is directly on the streets in front of the eyes of onlookers. We have invited to the Chemistry Zone both Czech (Nick Zipper, Openmindz and so on) and foreign (Chase, Damien Mitchell and so on) street artists in order to create their artworks live right in front of onlookers within the framework of various cultural and social events. The result is a collection of artworks (pictures, canvasses) and design objects (authentic and original clothing, marked objects recast as artworks) which can then be offered for sale to charities, donated to helpful institutions or sold to those with interest in the general public. The unrepeatable atmosphere of the Chemistry Zone is created by artists as well as DJs. The Chemistry Zone concept occupies a significant place amongst the event activities of The Chemistry Production and its actual appearance varies very much according to the events or wishes of its individual clients. The make up of the Chemistry Zone can also be specialized according to the workshops of the street art creations which connects the public to the formation and creation of art.