Street Art Festival

Street art or art created in public spaces is a concept which belongs irresistibly to the 20th and 21st centuries. This phenomena, which developed out of graffiti, is not just about the boisterous use of spray cans but makes use of far more diverse motifs and objects which more and more often adorn the world’s great metropolises. It is becoming an unnoticed attribute of many progressive world cities. One of the most visible forms of street art is the so-called ‘mural art’ or large formatted paintings put up with official permission on the free facades of buildings, walls and other suitable places. In the framework of this festival (which will be one of the supporting events of the street art exhibition ‘Stuck on the city’ and will take place from October 2012 to February 2013 in the premises of the City of Prague main gallery), we will be inviting a number of world renowned street artists so that they may create on the walls of Prague a public gallery for everyone. The festival will be organised in co-operation with o.p.s. Trafacka.